CEO's Message

RPS is a high-tech, futuristic, numerouno school, where knowledge reigns supreme. We always believe that in the face of Globalization, the advent of information technology, we need to equip our new generation to be “life-long learners” and with the ability to “learn how to learn”, so that they can keep abreast of changes and become active and valuable members of our community.To prepare our children for the future, we need to provide them with the opportunities to develop the generic skills that are needed for them to become life long learners.  Apart from knowledge, our children need to develop their skills to acquire, construct and communicate knowledge.  They should also be able to collaborate with others, be ready to listen and be creative in their thinking.  Most of all, at this early stage of development, a positive view of themselves as learners is the most important benefit we can inculcate in our children.
  This is much more than showing our children the path of learning we, as adults, have gone through.  A big challenge for us, as parents or educators, is to equip our children with the knowledge, skills, and values for all-round and whole-person development. 
 Our vision of education for the 21st century is to enable all our children to develop their potential to the fullest extent.  It will be the concerted efforts by the government, front line educators and the community as a whole which will translate our vision into reality. We must remember that intelligence with character is the ultimate goal of true education. 

Manish Rao